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Serving Pike County in North Eastern Pennsylvania

PARG serves Pike County Emergency Management and Matamoras Borough Emergency Management with back up emergency communications. Our organization and members have served in this capacity for over 30 years.

Our meetings are held on the first Friday of every month at 7:00pm. Our meetings are held at the Matamoras Borough Hall, 10 Avenue I, Matamoras, PA 18336.

The two most important pserved agencies are the National Weather Service and our Local EMergencey Management teams.


Spotter training is available from several sources. For Pike ARES, we require completing the NWS Binghamton winter / summer spotter training. You can find this training information from the National Weather Service Spotter Training Page.

Another training resource is Storm Spotter Guides. While not an NWS site, the training information and data is excellent.

Running a Net

There is no hard and fast rull to start a net. Anyone is free to start a skywarn net at any time. We do ask that you verify with our Skywarn team leads or the ARES EC / AEC if you want to regularly schedule something. Our goal is to gather consistent and accurrate data to issue to the NWS office in Binghamton NY. 

As we complete our Skywarn page, if you have any quesitons, requests, changes, or updates, please contact W2TAO via ema @ matamoras borough . com