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Pike ARES – RACES Group

Serving Pike County in North Eastern Pennsylvania

PARG serves Pike County Emergency Management and Matamoras Borough Emergency Management with back up emergency communications. Our organization and members have served in this capacity for over 30 years.

Our meetings are held on the first Saturday of every month at 9:00am. Our meetings are held at the Matamoras Borough Hall, 10 Avenue I, Matamoras, PA 18336.



The PARG calendar can be found here


PARG holds an on air net every Tuesday at 7:00 pm on one of  our two repeaters. Our Shohola Repeater – 145.350 – Offset -.600 – pL 100.0 is our primary repeater - planned for weekly net use. Our Tanglewood Repeater – 145.490 – Offset -.600 – pl 82.5 is our backup repeater. We will monitor both repeaters during the net time and will pass traffic as needed between repeaters.

Being a Net Control and running a net is good practice. If you would like to run a net, you can use our forms for tracking the event. Click here for our NET SCRIPT and click here for our NET LOG SHEET

After completing a net, please save and forward your net log sheets to w2tao for logging hours and participation with the ARRL EPA Section leadership.

SKYWARN - Weather Spotting

Our new Skywarn SPotting page is under construction - you can find this new page here <PARG Skywarn>


President / Treasurer – Tom Olver – W2TAO
Vice President – Secretary – Jim Smith – N2UVU / Robin Smith – KC2RZR

Contact Information

If you have any questions or would like more information about PARG, Pike ARES / RACES, please contact us via email – tristateara@gmail.com. You can reach us via phone at the Matamoras Emergency Management Office 570 – 491 – five one seven seven

Our History

Here are some photos of years past. If you have photos to add, please contact W2TAO